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Join Fiona Booy at St Albans Pottery

Fancy joining in at Home?

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Returning 2 January 2022

How it Works

  • Order your GPTD clay (+ optional items) 

  • Watch the Weekly show (live or catch up)

  • Take up the weekly "Make-at-Home Challenge"

Each week I set a challenge - based on that week's show - to be made from a single ball of clay on a dining room table 

  • Share your creations on Facebook Group 

  • Option: return to Pottery for firing & glazing*

*additional charges & making conditions apply

Join potters from all over UK/ world  (novice & experienced)  sharing the Make-at-Home experience - in this FB Group

  • Facebook Group

Clay Options

There are 2 Clay options to choose from:-

  • AIRDRY CLAY (easy) : create fun and exotic stuff in AirDry clay, which can be embellished with acrylic paints, feathers, bells, beads... etc - then varnished with PVA glue/ Modgepodge

  • REGULAR CLAY (more technical) create beautiful and fun pieces, which after firing & glazing are both dishwasher proof and microwave safe

    • Select & return only those pieces you wish to fire (£4.00 / piece​)

    • Glaze choice : white or transparent

    • Additional coloured slip recommended for decoration (for use under transparent glaze)

    • Firing temperatures exceed 1,200C. Work needs to be made in line with technical recommendations (see YouTube video)  Some experience beneficial; careful working required.


  • Each kit has enough for 5 small projects; Usually the GPTD TV series has 10 episodes. Additional clay is easy to reorder. 

Top Tip

Before you start making - watch these How-to videos

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