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A bit about me

Hi! I'm Fiona Booy.  I am a ceramic artist based in Hertfordshire UK.  I am a Fellow at Digswell Arts Trust in Letchworth and also have a home studio in St Albans, called St Albans Pottery. 


My work is inspired by mountains and valleys, erosion and craters- and the inconceivable force and time required in their formation.  


In addition to making and selling my ceramic art, I also run a variety of classes, workshops, demonstrations, birthday parties, special occasions...

Make at Home Pottery Club

During lockdown, after my various workshops and exhibitions were cancelled I set about creating the Make-at-Home Pottery Club for where kids, teens & adults can create at home. I teach via YouTube and offer both Airdry clay and a local Clay-and firing service.  

This continues to be popular outside lockdown - offering both quality personal time and off-screen entertainment.

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