Fiona Booy is a ceramic artist based in Hertfordshire UK.  She is a Fellow at Digswell Arts Trust in Letchworth and also has a small home studio in St Albans. Her work is inspired by mountains and valleys, erosion and craters- and the inconceivable force and time required in their formation.  


She creates sculptural forms and abstract vessels, which generally begin their lives on the potter’s wheel.  Her throwing style is loose and lively – capturing fluidity and motion, life and energy.  These resonate with the layers of sedimentary rock, or echoing the aeons of the passage of wind & water.  Usually she works in stoneware – often combining many clays and found materials with occasional dried pulses and other organics.  She experiments much with glazes and the underlying chemistry.


Her vessels pay homage to the classics, but have a contemporary feel.  Her sculptures are quirky and lively, inviting curiosity and intrigue –perhaps even a smile.

In addition to making and selling her ceramic art, she also runs a variety of classes, workshops and demonstrations. 


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