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Wk10 300g GPTD  (1).jpg

Make your own art deco mug from 300g clay

(or perhaps 450g if you like a large mug)


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This week's mini challenge is to make your own soap holder.


As we move away from plastic bottles, the humble soap bar is making its return and needs something to stop it going soggy.


Wk8 300g GPTD .png

If you only have 1 ball of clay - why not make a tiny Acoma Seed Jar?

Optional extra challenge - pit fire on the barbeque (bisque fire first)


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Using only 300g clay - make your own animal inspired plant pot.



Wk6 300g GPTD .png

Make your own relief tile:-

  • Roll it out 1 cm thick

  • Cut it square

  • Create patterns - using coloured slip (if you have some) and carving

  • Dry very slowly

Lose yourself in it. Enjoy.


Wk5 300g GPTD  (2).png

Today's challenge is a little different - can you make a musical instrument which makes a sound? Drum, pan pines, maracas, ocarina, maybe even a whistle ...

If you are interested, I made a "how-to-make a pottery whistle" video for my make-at-home pottery club over lockdown


_Wk4 FB 300g GPTD .png

Challange 4  - hand build flowers of your choosing... daisies, daffodils, roses...

Bring on Spring!!!


Wk3 FB 300g GPTD  (1).png

Can you make a punnet of fruit... all hollow inside, and delicious on the outside?


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Challenge: To make your own Illuminated Tiny House

Using a small lump of clay - can you build a small dwelling to go over an LED candle ? 

Consider your theme - fantasy, realistic, gingerbread, ancient, new...?

How will you make it ? Roll out slabs? Based on a pinch pot? What will you use to cut out the windows? And think about texture, colour and decorations.

How are you going to Illuminate it? Caution- tea lights generate much heat so pls design your creation accordingly or use LED’s

Please share your results, tips, and questions on the Facebook Group (link above)



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Challenge: To handbuild an ornate Chalice

It needs to have a distinct foot, stem & bowl and the rim must be good to the touch.

Consider - ancient, modern, religious, regal, broken, poisoned chalice, Holy grail, Rastafarian ... Is yours for wine, water, candles, jewellery... Will yours have a symbolic meaning - special to you?

And does it need to be fired - or will AirDry look fabulous?

Please share your results, tips, and questions on the Facebook Group (link above)

Have a happy week potting