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Today's challenge is a little different - can you make a musical instrument which makes a sound? Drum, pan pines, maracas, ocarina, maybe even a whistle ...

If you are interested, I made a "how-to-make a pottery whistle" video for my make-at-home pottery club over lockdown


Challange 4  - hand build flowers of your choosing... daisies, daffodils, roses...

Bring on Spring!!!


Can you make a punnet of fruit... all hollow inside, and delicious on the outside?


Challenge: To make your own Illuminated Tiny House

Using a small lump of clay - can you build a small dwelling to go over an LED candle ? 

Consider your theme - fantasy, realistic, gingerbread, ancient, new...?

How will you make it ? Roll out slabs? Based on a pinch pot? What will you use to cut out the windows? And think about texture, colour and decorations.

How are you going to Illuminate it? Caution- tea lights generate much heat so pls design your creation accordingly or use LED’s

Please share your results, tips, and questions on the Facebook Group (link above)



Challenge: To handbuild an ornate Chalice

It needs to have a distinct foot, stem & bowl and the rim must be good to the touch.

Consider - ancient, modern, religious, regal, broken, poisoned chalice, Holy grail, Rastafarian ... Is yours for wine, water, candles, jewellery... Will yours have a symbolic meaning - special to you?

And does it need to be fired - or will AirDry look fabulous?

Please share your results, tips, and questions on the Facebook Group (link above)

Have a happy week potting