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Join Fiona Booy at St Albans Pottery

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Bee Wild is a community initiative which combines creativity and ecology by boosting the number of wildflower pollinators across the district through a series of clay & Wildflower seed projects.

How it works:-

  • Order your "Bee Wild Clay & Seed Kit"

  • Watch our easy-to-follow YouTube videos

  • Make your creations with clay and wildflower seeds 

  • Once dry, leave them around gardens, verges & wild places

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Beautify the world with your creations and watch them grow into Wildflowers



  • PPPPollinators!  Make your own clay bees, filled with wildflower seeds

  • SEED Grenades Make hollow forms using raw clay and native wildflower seeds. Once dry they can be smashed happily in places of need


More Bee Wild! projects soon

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