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Bee Wild! Clay & Seed Kit

Have fun making your own clay sculptures - filled with wildflower seeds


How it works:-

  • Order your Bee Wild! Clay & Seed Kit 
  • Watch the easy to follow BeeWild! videos on YouTube, or download instrauctions from my BeeWild! page  (bees/ hand grenade/ hedgehogs)
  • Have fun making your sculptures
  • Leave them to dry
  • Place them in gardens and wild spaces - leaving them to germinate
  • Enjoy the wildflowers and their pollinators


Help your local bees and butterflies by encouraging more wildflowers

Spring & Autumn are the best times to plant wildflower seeds or to explode your creations

Bee Wild! Clay & Seed Kit

  • Each pack contains:

    • Natural Clay
    • Wildflower seeds (approved by Royal Horticultural Society)
    • Instructions

    You will need:

    • Access to YouTube video
    • Water
    • Workmat
    • Tools : paintbrush & pointy sticky (bamboo skewer)

    No firing; no paint

    Please do not use AirDry clay for this project

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