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Make-at-Home Pottery Club

Grab a ball of clay and come join our make-at-home Pottery club


What's on?

  • 3 Workshops: Online video instructions

  • Local clay kit delivery: St Albans area

  • Two kits available: 'SIMPLE' (air drying clay) & 'THE WORKS' (real clay, with glazing & firing service included)

  • Online payment (BACS)

  • Discounts for family groups

Interested ? Please reserve your kit here or email me your query.

Make-at-home kit  - SIMPLE


  • 3 balls of AIR DRY clay

  • Pointy stick

  • Paint brush

  • Online video instructions


No need to fire

Can paint with normal acrylic paint


Any age


£12 (additional family packs £10 ea)

Make-at-home kit  - THE WORKS

  • 3 balls of STANDARD clay 

  • 5 pots of  coloured liquid clay (‘paint’)

  • Pointy stick

  • Paint brush

  • Online video instructions

  • Firing & glazing service included

Glazing & firing done at my studio in central St Albans. Leave on my doorstep when complete.


Generally suitable for 9yrs +

These creations will last forever. They will be frost and dishwasher proof.


£35 (additional family packs £30)

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