This belle began her life on my potter’s wheel. She comprises 5 individually thrown pieces, with her skirt an inverted vessel.



  • A playful stack of thrown pieces, capturing an essence of a Victorian lady. Toasted stone colours with turquoise overtones.
  • Height: 21 cm
  • Thrown, altered & assembled
  • Combination of stoneware clay types; dry halo copper glaze


Much of my work starts on the potter’s wheel: I enjoy the tactile soft flowing nature of the clay and throwing rings, and how they ensnare the essence of fluidity and motion, of life and energy. The ‘magic’ then happens in the assembly stage – where pieces are selected, balanced and even squiggled together.

You may notice lines in the ‘skirt’- these are bands of different coloured clays which swirl during the throwing process.  The same glaze used all over the piece, however it is brightest over white clay.

  • Nude Tin Can Gallery

    This work is part of the SPRING BACK exhibition at the Nude Tin Can Gallery, which runs from 14 April - 5 May 2021, Tuesday to Sundays.

    To visit : 125 Hatfield RoadFleetville, St Albans; AL1 4JS

    To purchase: please buy through this website and collect on Sunday 5 May 2021 from the gallery