GPTD Regular Clay

GPTD Regular Clay


Take part in your OWN Great Pottery Make-at-Home Challenge


  • Order your clay
  • Watch the Show (Sundays on Channel4 @7:45pm)
  • Take the weekly challenge (or make anything related to that week's show)
  • Share your creations for the world to enjoy (Facebook Group)
  • Select & return any creations for firing (optional, terms apply, charged separately per piece)


Each pack contains 5 balls of regular stoneware clay, enough for 5 SMALL projects/ weeks.  More available to purchase.


This allows you to create beautiful functional pieces - which are both dishwasher proof and microwave safe. 



  • The firing process takes the work to over 1200C, which creates all sorts of pressures in the kiln. It requires more technical skills : 9yrs+ guideline. Please follow making instructions as mistakes may damage other work and the kiln.
Pottery location
  • Information

    Work for firing

    • must not include any additions (no organics/ paint/ plastics...)
    • will need to be returned and collected from the Pottery
    • charged at £3.50 per piece (2 firings + glazing)
    • colour can be added using coloured slips (clay + pigment), which must be applied BEFORE the work dries completely. 
    • may last forever and bring you much joy

    Additional items - you may also wish to order

    • Tools (hogshair paint brush and 'pointy' stick')
    • Coloured slip (clay + pigment)

    Before you start making - watch these two YouTube videos


    You will need:-

    • Workmat
    • Water
    • Deliver & collect creations from pottery (optional)

    Note: firing & glazing will take about 3 weeks.


    Enjoy :-)

  • Delivery

    Free delivery to:-

    • St Albans Pottery (Postcodes : AL1, AL2, AL3, AL4, Al5)

    • Chelmsford Pottery (Postcodes : CM1, CM2, CM3, CM4, CM5)

    Collect only for all other areas (at present)

  • Covid-19

    • All deliveries left on doorstep at a safe distance.
    • All returns to pottery to be left in named cardboard box on doorstep.
    • All doorstep arrangements confirmed by text message.