This richly coloured oval vessel began its life on my potter’s wheel.



  • Glossy vessel – with cascades of rich blues & whites over a dark base
  • Height: 23 cm
  • Method: thrown in 2 parts
  • Made of white Earthstone professional stoneware clay + black slip + Combination of rutile glazes


Much of my work starts on the potter’s wheel. I enjoy the tactile soft flowing nature of the clay and throwing rings, and how they capture the essence of fluidity and motion.


This vessel was thrown in 2 parts, requiring careful measurement to ensure a good fit.  I like to pay special attention to the rims of my vessels, to add to the sense of energy and life. Additional clay was added to create a band of texture.  Once fully formed, I gently paddled the creation into an oval shape.


  • Nude Tin Can Gallery

    This work is part of the SPRING BACK exhibition at the Nude Tin Can Gallery, which runs from 14 April - 5 May 2021, Tuesday to Sundays.

    To visit : 125 Hatfield RoadFleetville, St Albans; AL1 4JS

    To purchase: please buy through this website and collect on Sunday 5 May 2021 from the gallery