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School holiday activities

From time to time I arrange holiday workshops which are run at my location in Sandpit Lane.


Please email me if you have any queries:


  • The timings are approximate.  Some children may work faster than others and complete early. 

  • Some of the younger/ less dexterous children may need adult assistance. 

  • If you  wish to book children from more than 1 age group onto a single session, I recommend booking them on the 'younger' session. There is no maximum age to creativity and flair, but younger children may struggle with dexterity required and concetration/ interest required by the 'older' sessions.

  • Pre-school siblings are welcome if accompanied by a helping adult.  All work is fired to over 1200 degrees C and needs to join well so as not to 'explode'.

  • Note that we have an outdoor play area which your children are welcome to use, at own risk.  Please ensure they are supervised at all times.  

  • All under 8's need an adult on site.

Summer 2018    Workshops

Teens/ Tweens
Age guideline: Older kids happy to sit still and create for 2.5 hours. Ideally with some clay experience


cost per session

Barn Owls
Age guideline: Infant School children (Reception-Year2)


cost per session

Age guideline: Junior School children (School Year3-6)


cost per session

Owls, Textured turtles, Octopus & Jelly Fish

coil pots

 Funky cups & candle holders

Creative animal modelling

Pinch pot creatures


Aliens & Beings 

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